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The Car Wash Guys of Palm Springs were busy all day helping the local chapter of boy scouts.  There was a never ending stream of cars.  Happy customers gladly donated to the cause in trade for a clean car.

Just look at that happy customer in the pink shorts.

They vacuumed all day.  They vacuumed paper, napkins, pretzel crumbs, and dog hair.

This pair of Dads are working up quite a sweat.

They used five vacuums, three extension cords, and twelve bottles of window cleaner.

It became a bit tricky dodging all the extension cords.

Then came the washing team, comprised of boy scouts, fathers, and little brother and sisters. 
They soaped...

We actually don't use much soap...the power washing units take off most of the grime.

And they soaped...

It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas - Not!  but the donations will help the Jamboree.

And they soaped...

See how many people willingly gave up their Saturday for a good cause.

And, finally, they rinsed, using the low volume pressure washers of The Car Wash Guys, saving over 3,150 gallons of water for the days event.

The average car wash at home takes 60+ gallons of water - we use under 3 gallons.

The boy scouts and their fathers dried each car to perfection, ensuring happy customers and repeat patronage for next year's annual Palm Spring car wash fundraiser.

Absolutely Sparkling!

And where were all the mothers during the annual fundraiser?   Counting the proceeds for the year's jamboree trip.

It was a very good day!

This fundraiser was organized by the Boy Scouts of America of Palm Springs and Tim Bloom of Wash Guys.

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