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We are not currently offering franchises to the public. Our focus is to set up company owned units across the US and eventually the world.

Generally this business decision was made due to many following factors, some of which are listed below:

  • Sarbaines Oxley Law and Accounting Reporting Cost Increases,
  • Over Regulation in Franchising and Litigation,
  • Multiple State Franchise Registration Laws Out of Sync,
  • Disclosure Laws Hurting Company Proprietary Information,
  • Required Disclosures which Might Help International Terrorists,
  • Disclosure Laws which Require the Giving Out of Personal Information About Franchisees.
  • Litigiousness of Franchising and Absence of Tort Reforms in the US and Canada,
  • Higher Profit Margins for the Company Running Our Own Units,
  • More Efficiency to Corral Our Competition,
  • More Latitude to Take on New National Account Business,
  • Better Service Standards for Current and Future Car Wash Customers,
  • More Control of Business Model and Less Red Tape

We have chosen a new strategy along the lines of a Starbucks, Home Depot, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Federal Express type scenario where we can exert more control and less red tape to insure higher standards and smoother business operations. Regretfully this does impact the small business community, franchise model and those who dream of owning their own franchise business. Over regulation usually does hurt the little guys and stifle competition and creates barriers to entry.

If you would like to discuss how to set up your own business we are willing to assist you with information on how to get this done for yourself, but not as part of our team or a franchise. Hopefully in this way we can still help those who wish to fulfill their American Dream in a limited sense, while still pursuing our goals to clean up the world one car at a time. We can do this by referrals to vendors or through consulting fees.

You may use the form below to introduce yourself to us, disregard the franchise information, since we are no longer selling franchises. Perhaps it may be of interest from a historical perspective of how we were able to accelerate the company between the years of 1996 and Mid 2003, but we are no longer offering franchises, nor do we have any plans to do so in the future. We are focused on setting up our own units and keeping the profits for ourselves.

This offer of knowledge we are presently able to give is not available to current competitors of our system and we retain the right to refuse our knowledge to anyone for any reason.
This is not an offer to sell franchises to the public. That offer can not be made through the Internet; it may only be made through the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC).

Please fill out this form accurately, any misdirection, false data or inaccurate information will automatically make you ineligible for, any license, business opportunity, co-brand or signage arrangement, that we may offer, or may issue in the future. This may include software, free information, E-Books, foundation endeavors, Car Wash Fundraisers, Scholarships, etc. Please be serious when dealing with us or kindly hit the back button on your web browser now.

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