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Dear Editor:

In this day and age where quality of work and commitment to values is hard to find, we as residents of the Conejo Valley owe much to the hard work and dedication of one of our own, Lance Winslow.

Winslow deserves a special thanks for his commitment to keeping Thousand Oaks a very low-crime community.  Indeed, Winslow originated the ides for creating a Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program.  As part of this program, businesses place colorful magnetic signs on their vehicles.  These signs alert criminals that the driver of the vehicle will report suspicious activity to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

Lance Winslow was largely instrumental in developing the proposal, presenting it to the City Council and the Crime Prevention Task Force, rallying the support of the Sheriff's Department, the business community and the chamber of commerce, and finally ensuring the production and distribution of the identifying magnetic signs.

This is a wonderful program that will greatly help Thousand Oaks to maintain a very low level of crime and to recapture our former ranking as the city with the lowest crime rate.  In addition, this pilot project will help preserve property values and keep our families and homes safe from crime.   Finally the Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program places Thousand Oaks on the map as an innovative proactive city that has a reputation for fighting crime and solving contemporary problems.

Yet, Winslow is not limiting his volunteer efforts to Thousand Oaks.

He wisely recognizes that crime can move in and out of a town literally unnoticed and unchecked.  As a result, he is encouraging other cities from Ojai to Westlake Village to adopt his idea.  He has even gathered the support of the county Board of Supervisors and hopes to make this program a unified countywide effort of businesses and individuals working together to keep crime in check.

Winslow has shown a true dedication to our city and the county by promoting a program that will benefit all residents.  He is truly a person of impeccable character who takes great pride in desiring only the best for Thousand Oaks and its people.  He makes us all proud to be residents and members of the local business community.  Let's all give Lance Winslow recognition he truly deserves by saluting his efforts.

Harlan West,
Thousand Oaks

Reprinted from the News Chronicle, July 27, 1994.

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