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  Car Wash Guys Founder

Lance Winslow 's Charity Efforts

Lance Winslow personally has assisted non-profit groups in raising over $500,000 in funds for their organizations. In 1995 he rode his bicycle from Oregon to Mexico 1360 miles in six days in a pledge drive for the Special Olympics. He was Deputy Grand Marshall and Honorary Sheriff for the county’s largest parade and largest non-profit fair west of the Mississippi. Lance has been active in the Optimist Club, International and Kiwanis Clubs. He understands local politics having run in two consecutive elections for a city council seat.

Lance was appointed to the county’s Council on Economic Vitality. He also served on the California Association of Governments. He founded the Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol which involves small businesses, chambers of commerce, police departments and cities. The entire program is privately funded. He also introduced a program where local businesses could sell their wares on the Internet, providing jobs, additional revenue for civic groups and increased sales volumes for many local merchants just as the Internet was getting started.

During the aftermath of the Northridge, California earthquake Lance reconstructed a water purification plant for Unilab, a medical clinical laboratory testing corporation. His innovation in marketing has propelled The Car Wash Guys to celebrity status in many cities. Known for this enthusiasm, exuberance and motivation, Lance Winslow is a speaker for MBA programs at top colleges and universities.

Lance worked with the County of Ventura to design a NPDES permit for the Regional Water Quality Control Board in California to comply with the EPA federal Clean Water Act. He wrote many of the Best Management Practices for surface cleaners, a category in which mobile washers and detailers fall into, for storm water non-point source discharges.  These same BMPs are now used all over the United States to help preserve our fresh water supply. 

Lance Winslow was recognized by the City of Los Angeles for their storm water discharge program. Lance wrote a manual for the cities program which allowed continued car wash fundraising efforts to exist even though at the time they were in conflict with the California Water Codes 13260-13280, and the EPA. Wash Guys BMPs are also available online through many governmental informational web sites.  Many government agencies have linked to their web site to WashGuys procedures as a way to help others comply with real environmental concerns.

Lance is in the process of forming his own foundation to help the World, and hopes to have it fully formed and funded sometime in 2015. The Foundation will be an extension of Mr. Winslow's commitment for the betterment of all mankind, a lifetime pursuit.  Lance had developed over three years, a special sleep schedule, Lance skipped sleeping every third night putting in 36 hour marathon days so he could finish projects.  The other days he put in 14-17 hour days taking no days off.  This experiment did not work, having affected Lance's positive outlook on the world.

Mr. Winslow is a Futurist. Lance is also a member of the Federation of American Scientists, yet is bothered by many of their views. Being an Entrepreneurial Capitalist by nature he is also a member of The Ayn Rand Institute. Mr. Winslow, as founder is organizing chapters for The OTT - Online Think Tank to help network the most brilliant minds of the Planet. He is actively recruiting members now; Online Think Tank .

Lance continues his volunteer efforts to this day and has been  actively involved in Chamber of Commerce activities, civic events and volunteerism. Often working to find solutions to issues concerning water, energy, employment, crime, education, traffic, economic development and modifications of local ordinances, rules, taxes, and laws which promote efficiency, free-markets and higher quality of life. Below is a quick video on Lance's thoughts on "wealth and poverty" from a philosophical perspective

Lance Winslow on Wealth and Poverty


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