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Lance Winslow 's E-Books

Lance has written a number of eBooks which remain free to the public. Mr. Winslow realizes that sometimes giving information to the public is more important than merely selling eBooks Online. Below are a sample of E-Books written by Lance Winslow, which you can download and read. One has over a million downloads over a 10-year period; How to Run a Successful Car Wash Fundraiser.

Lance now has 200 eBooks online for sale, many are collections of his articles and essays, while others are stand alone books. His goal is to have 300 online by the end of 2012 and break Isaac Asimov's record by 2013. If you would like to discuss any of the topics in the eBooks listed below, please contact Lance Winslow by email; Lance [at] CarWashGuys [dot] com. This is only a sample of some of the older eBooks he's completed thus far.

Lance is currently working on four eBooks, and would entertain a co-author strategy if you are interested. These books are:

1. The Future of Human Sports

2. How to Run a Successful Shoe Drive 

3. How to Start an Art Group

4. How to Start a Writing Group

5. How to Successful Lose Weight

6. Navigating the World of Online Dating

If you are interested in reading more interesting eBooks and information you will find much more at Lance Winslow's Online Think Tank;

Industry Books by Lance Winslow on
Amazon for Kindle Users:

Aircraft Cleaning and Detailing

Future Concepts in Aviation

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Mobile Oil Change Business

Mobile Car Wash Business

Mobile Auto Detailing

Boat Cleaning and Detailing

Truck Washing

Future Concepts

Carwash Business

Science Fiction Collection - Short Stories

Future Weapons System Concepts

Future of Education Series


Lance also writes Online Articles at and recommends it as a great place to start for an aspiring author or writer. See for yourself:


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