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  Car Wash Guys Founder

The History of Lance Winslow III

Lance Winslow is the founder of Team WashGuys, and was formerly President and Founder of Car Wash Guys.  He has operated three other mobile washing businesses. From 1979 until 1984, Lance operated an aircraft washing service at three different airports under the names Speedy Waxers and Aero Speed Waxing. These companies were sold to finance Aero-Auto Wash in 1985. From 1981 to 1985 he also sold aircraft under the name Speedy Aircraft Finders.

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Recently Lance's genealogy and ancestry was traced all the way back to the Mayflower Voyage. Both Edward Winslow, later a Governor and Governor Bradford of the Mayflower are ancestors to Mr. Winslow. Click here for more. This may explain his passion to fight for what he believes is right and never give up.

Lance Winslow soloed five different types of aircraft on his sixteenth birthday, soloed a glider at sixteen, became a private pilot at age seventeen and started the world's first computerized aircraft multi-listing service before the fax machine was popular or widespread computer use. During this time, Lance was also the Western Regional Advertising Representative for The Pacific Flyer, a major general aviation newspaper.

Lance then operated Aero-Auto Wash until April 1990 and in June of 1989 Lance Winslow founded The Car Wash Guys. He later decided to capitalize on his concept and began to franchise. He created Car Wash Guys for this purpose. It was later determined, after 3 years of franchising, that the market potential of the washing industry and related service industries were clearly underestimated. Lance Winslow estimates the industry potential of his market sectors at several hundred billion dollars. 

Lance Winslow and his team, over the past decade, have washed for many large companies;  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

In early 2001 Lance Winslow retired from the WashGuy Franchise company to pursue other interests. Early retirement wasn't easy at first for such a hard charger, but he got use to it and did a lot of traveling. Then got into writing. Today he enjoys running a Think Tank and engaging in intellectual discourse.

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