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Not long ago, I was out at the Santa Paula Airport talking to a gentleman who was building a WWI Biplane Kit. It was highly athentic and full-scale. Of course it had many small changes than an original, like an up graded reliable engine and modern electronics, better suspension, etc.

Although, not 100% authentic, it’s actually better than new, safer to fly, and more reliable, as the engine will last 2000 hours as opposed to maybe 300 before it needs to be broken down and gone through. The aircraft owner/builder told me:

You can’t tell the difference between a 100% authentic WWII aircraft in a museum and mine from 20 feet. I could have spent another $70,000 and had a less reliable aircraft and you’d be able to tell from 10-feet away, ‘IF’ you knew a whole lot about WWI aircraft, which hardly anyone does….and…I can fly this aircraft everyday, and it’s a lot safer!

This got me thinking about my strategy in Truck Washing of Fleets. Sure, you could detail an entire truck and it looks brand spanking new from 10 feet away, but that would cost you $500.00 even at a wholesale ‘truck detailing’ level. Or, you could have us wash your trucks every week for between $10-25 (depending on the size) and they’d look brand new from 20-feet away.

Do you see the aircraft owner/builder’s point? Sure you do, and I bet you see my point too?

Fleet Truck Washing w/Spot-Free Rinse

Truck Washing with Spot Free Water